About Us

The Company is family-owned and managed.  The family has assembled an impressive executive team whose members have extensive experience in international manufacturing and distribution, including specific import/export expertise with respect to Asia and Central America.  With a collective industry experience of over 50 years, this executive team is uniquely qualified to manage, oversee and execute the most sophisticated transactions in our target region.   The executive team is aided by a very talented and dedicated support staff most of whom speak several languages, particularly the language of the manufacturer.  Together, the Executive Team and staff work as a finely tuned instrument executing some of the most complex and intricate international transactions with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Finally and most importantly, having an in-depth of knowledge of the industry and its players is one of the most important factors that we have found to generally be determinative of success with regard to U.S./Asian import/export transactions.   In this regard, IASC is a clear industry leader.  We only use the most reliable trade partners.   This insures that our high standards of performance are maintained throughout all phases of the manufacturing, production and distribution process (even those phases not specifically performed by the Company).  We do this for every client or customer regardless of size of order, size of company or seniority in the industry.  We work with companies from small startups to large national retail chains.  

Currently, the Company offers the following products:

Woven/ Tops/Bottoms Knit Tops/Bottoms Accessories
Denim Jeans Co-ordinate set Hats
Dress Jumper Bags
Jackets Polo Shirt Gloves
Shirts Pullover Scarves
Skirts Sweat Shirt Hair Accessories