The Company divides its services into four separate practice groups as follows:
  • Direct Manufacturing
  • Sourcing
  • Private or White Label Service
  • Merchandising


Direct Manufacturing

The Company operates several manufacturing plants in Hong Kong, Bangladesh, and India with over 5,000,000 square feet of space devoted to the production of items/products in the following industries:  textiles, leather, and apparel; and petroleum, coal, chemicals, plastics, and rubber.  
Our plants are technologically advanced to minimize cost and production lead times.   Moreover, our local production team is well trained and motivated to deliver the highest quality products on time while maintaining a highly competitive pricing structure.  Upon completion of the production and packaging process, the Company will drop ship the products to any destination in the world in accordance with standard industry practices.





In addition to our direct manufacturing capacity described above, the Company maintains strong relationships with some of the top manufacturing firms in the Far East to supplement our capacity as needed from time to time.    
We have conducted an exhaustive study of the most objectionable aspects of outsourcing manufacturing functions and found these four factors to be the most significant.
Unreliable delivery 
Confidentiality and security
Lack of flexibility 
Management changes 
None of these objections have any application here.   First, we maintain the state of the art tracking technology so that our clients are kept informed of the progress of delivery of their products in real time (in most instances).   We currently maintain a 95 % on-time delivery standard.   In addition, we are constantly looking for ways to improve this performance.   
Second, our staff is trained to observe the strictest confidentiality with regard to any and all patent, trademark, and/or proprietary matters relating to any of our clients' products.   
Third, our contracts are structured in a manner to set forth clear and concise terms and conditions to govern performance while at the same time allowing the parties a certain amount of flexibility to deal with emergencies and changing market conditions.
Finally, we have a stable management team that is comprised primarily of family members so there is little or no risk of change of management that would materially affect the contract or relationship.   We have over 50 years experience in this industry and a long list of satisfied clients.

Private and White Label Services

The Company provides a private/white label service with respect to the following items:
Our standard white label arrangement includes the following provisions:
1. Product specifications.
2. Provisions relating to the manufacture of the products.
3. Instructions for packaging production.
4. Documentation of the products.
5. Product provision warranties.
6. Returns and adjustments.
7. Customer support.
8. Particulars of orders and pricing.
9. Patents that may apply to the product
10. Trademarks, if applicable
11. Copyright, if applicable
We can generally deliver the products in a “market” or “sale-ready” condition so that our clients need only to attach their trademark or other identifying symbols prior to marketing and sale.   



The Company maintains a full-service marketing and merchandising department to assist with any matters relating to branding, marketing, product placement, etc. by any of our clients.   In most cases, the products are drop-shipped to the agreed-upon destination.  However, if additional services are required in order to service the needs of our clients, we have the personnel available to perform such services.